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Thank you everyone for the help. yellowyellowyellowgreenNo memory detectedReseat all memory modules and restart the computer.If the problem still exists, to eliminate the possibility of a faulty memory connector, install one memory module (if the computer supports The configuration of these LEDs along with the color state of the power button can help pinpoint a potential problem with the system. I would pull the manual for your computer at the Dell sight. check over here

I drink, and I know things. Address mark not found— The BIOS found a faulty disk sector or could not find a particular disk sector. Appropriate memory modules were detected but a memory failure has occurred. Okay, unplug the power and open the computer up. http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/SLN284978/en

Dell Abcd Lights

The light sequence is more or less useless without knowing the model. Ensure that all hard drive and optical drive cables are properly connected to the system board. The technician will need this information to help you further.

Run the Dell Diagnostics. Read more about that here: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ws530/en/ug/html/2swprob.htm#1164104 steve doebel March 10, 2011 added more memory to my computer and got a-c green /b-d yellow what could this be. If the LEDs never came on at any point then look into a power issue. 4 RCM BIOS checksum failure — Recovery mode Reset the BIOS and clear the NVRAM If Dell Gx260 Abcd Error Codes If necessary, uninstall and then reinstall the program.

The diagnostic lights are not lit after the computer successfully boots to the operating system. Dell Error Codes Abcd Gx280 It looks like those corporate Dell computers the big kind. Verify that the printer is recognized by Windows® Windows XP Click the Start button. Type: Power Supply U More on DELL Power Supply Switching UNIT PS Price: $16.99 « [SOLVED] CPU and motherboards | [SOLVED] Asus Motherboard and 1394 connector » Thread Tools Show Printable

The Projector Blog | PC Rentals | A Monitor Blog Post Reply Tweet Forum Jump -- Select Forum -- Welcome to the Tech-Army Organization Tech-Army News & Annoucements SMB Dell Diagnostic Lights Anyone with any suggestions please let me know. Ensure that the volume is turned up and that the sound is not muted. I've found lots of great posts on here that reference the error light codes for a Dell Optiplex GX260 ( Thread Tools Search this Thread 02-26-2013, 01:40 AM #1

Dell Error Codes Abcd Gx280

So any adivce would be greatly appreciated. A possible system board failure has occurred. Dell Abcd Lights Ensure that the cable is firmly connected to the computer. Dell Optiplex Error Codes Abcd Not all models will have these, but if your computer does, you can reference these and quickly repair a problem that might have taken you days to figure out.

If nothing works, replace the coin cell battery S1 RCM 2, 5 2 blinks followed by a short pause, 5 blinks, long pause, then repeats BIOS Checksum Failure System is in check my blog If any of them are rounded upwards, it means the capacitors blew and your motherboard is toast. Thank you... Check the keyboard switch setting— Switch settings are on the bottom of the keyboard, sometimes behind a panel. Dell Dimension 2400 Abcd Error Codes

greenyellowyellowyellowPossible BIOS failure; the computer is in the recovery modeRun the BIOS Recovery Utility, wait for recovery completion, andrestart the computer to retest. Viruses can sometimes prevent Windows from recognizing the drive. If any cables appear loose, reconnect them. this content Then press the power button again to turn on the computer.

Ensure that you have not made an error while entering data— See the documentation that came with your program to make sure that the values or characters you are entering are Dell Precision Abcd Error Codes Plug in your computer and reboot it. If identified the card failed, replace the card.

I found on google about the A B C D led lights on the back of the computer.

It's also the only incidence where they will replace parts out of warranty currently. LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAG... Contact Dell and report the checkpoint code (nnnn) to the support technician. Dell Error Codes Lights Then move the module to another connector and restart the computer.

Join us on our forums and be sure to subscribe to us for weekly tips and other helpful computer articles. Their supplier sold them bum capacitors. A B D Yellow and C Green -This means you could have a problem with your CPU. http://completeprogrammer.net/error-codes/dell-error-codes.html My Posts don't show up under view...

I think the HD is dead. Click Properties, and then select the Ports tab. Look at the diagnostic LEDs for further information. Reinstall the memory modules and, if necessary, replace them.

Try adjusting the settings. If no replacement drive is immediately available and the drive is not the only bootable drive, enter system setup and change the appropriate drive setting to None. Swap the computer and monitor power cables to determine if the power cable is defective. Drive Problems Fill out the Diagnostics Checklist as you complete these checks.

Beep Codes Your computer might emit a series of beeps that identify a problem: for example, one beep, followed by a a burst of three beeps, and then one beep (code I even downloaded cd burning software and it says basically the same thing. Check the monitor cable connection— Check the connector for bent or broken pins. (It is normal for monitor cable connectors to have missing pins.) Test the electrical outlet— Ensure that the For information on power conservation modes, see your operating system documentation.

Memory size in CMOS invalid— The amount of memory recorded in the computer configuration information does not match the memory installed in the computer. When I started looking at the computer it did not boot at all. Ensure that the electrical outlet is working by testing it with another device, such as a lamp. Be careful not to touch any chips on the memory or the motherboard in the process.

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Back to Top 2. If you can assist to troubleshoot, narrow down the issue by removing one by one the storages on motherboard to determine which one failed. Bad command or file name— Ensure that you have spelled the command correctly, have put spaces in the proper place, and have used the correct pathname. Click Properties, and then select the Details tab.