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Delivery Report Error Codes


REASON_REJECTED_SOURCE_NOTPROVISIONEDTESTONLY Provisioned for testing only Fail An attempt was made to send a message to an unwhitelisted subscriber from a shortcode which has only been provisioned for testing. 0x1.03.... Reason To fix it, do the following two tasks: Run an anti-malware scan on your computer. For Internet mail names, this means the address portion to the left of the "@" sign is invalid. Vaudreuil Lucent Technologies 7291 Williamson Rd Dallas, Tx. 75214 Phone: +1 214 823 9325 EMail: [email protected] Vaudreuil Standards Track [Page 15] RFC 3463 Enhanced Mail System Status Codes January 2003 Full weblink

Because of limitations in the SMTP code design, these are not suitable for use in delivery status notifications. X.4.2 Bad connection The outbound connection was established, but was unable to complete the message transaction, either because of time-out, or inadequate connection quality. Yes No Great! SMTP [SMTP] error codes have historically been used for reporting mail system errors. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/284204

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This packet holds the status of the message. Example shown below. Use of these status codes may disclose additional information about how an internal mail system is implemented beyond that currently available. Solution 2: Double-check that the recipient address actually exists in your Office 365 organization and that an active license is assigned to it.    In the Office 365 admin center choose Users

This status code may also be used when the condition cannot be further described because of security policies in force. Vaudreuil Request for Comments: 3463 Lucent Technologies Obsoletes: 1893 January 2003 Category: Standards Track Enhanced Mail System Status Codes Status of this Memo This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol GsmFavorites.com Internet resource for mobile communication software. Invalid Teleservice Id X.1.4 Destination mailbox address ambiguous The mailbox address as specified matches one or more recipients on the destination system.

X.3.4 Message too big for system The message is larger than per-message size limit. Smsc Error Codes Acknowledgement Funding for the RFC Editor function is currently provided by the Internet Society. X.7.XXX Security or Policy Status The security or policy status codes report failures involving policies such as per-recipient or per-host filtering and cryptographic operations. https://dev.infobip.com/docs/response-codes Mail flow problems can be frustrating, but we have solutions you can try in order to get your message sent.

This is useful only as a permanent error. Smpp Error Code List Vaudreuil Standards Track [Page 2] RFC 3463 Enhanced Mail System Status Codes January 2003 2. It may include address syntax or validity. X.6.1 Media not supported The media of the message is not supported by either the delivery protocol or the next system in the forwarding path.

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This may result if a heuristic address mapping algorithm is used to map the specified address to a local mailbox name. https://www.scribd.com/document/248322218/CardBoardFish-Delivery-Report-Error-Codes-pdf Possible values: continue, hangup, disable| NULL |63|5|REJECTED_INVALID_ACTIONS|Invalid actions. Sms Error Codes List X.7.5 Cryptographic failure A transport system otherwise authorized to validate or decrypt a message in transport was unable to do so because necessary information such as key was not available or Gsm Map Error Codes I sent a message and got error code 5.1.10 in an NDR.

Note that, for historical reasons, the post-billing nibble is not always set on DELIVERED reports; however a DELIVERED report for a premium MT message always implies that the subscriber has been have a peek at these guys Choose Send to resend your message. REASON_REJECTED_SYSFAIL_BILLING System error during billing General As per REASON_REJECTED_SYSFAIL, for errors occuring during billing phase. 0x1.06.... Reason code group: message Fail Group of error codes representing a problem with the submit date Submission date and time. Absent Subscriber Meaning

The second sub-code indicates the probable source of any delivery anomalies, and the third sub-code indicates a precise error condition. REASON_REJECTED_BILLING_SPENDCAP_OR_OUTOFCREDIT Over spend limit or out of credit Billing Subscriber has reached a spending limit, or is out of credit. This may be a permanent error if the mailbox will never be re-enabled or a transient error if the mailbox is only temporarily disabled. http://completeprogrammer.net/error-code/caterpillar-error-codes.html You can set this value per message.

For instance, REASON_FAILED_DESTPERM is 0x50040000. 0x6....... - DELIVERED The table below gives the reason bytes which can be associated with DELIVERED delivery reports. Gsm Error Codes Query the status of the message Request delivery reports from the provider Query the status of the message When a message is send using the SMPP protocol, the provider returns a If you submit a single-item or subscription purchase request with a PIN for the same mobile phone number, short code, and program ID and the PIN verification fails five times in

stat Current status of the message.

X.4.1 No answer from host The outbound connection attempt was not answered, because either the remote system was busy, or was unable to take a call. It is not final confirmation of delivery OR failure (although they are sometimes used to confirm billing has been successful). References ...................................................13 5. Change your email account password.

REASON_REJECTED_BILLING_BARRED_RESELLER Billing barred (reseller settings) Fail Subscriber obtains connectivity via a reseller; billing of this subscriber is therefore barred. 0x1.0134.. X.7.2 Mailing list expansion prohibited The sender is not authorized to send a message to the intended mailing list. This code is only useful for permanent failures. this content Are you sure you want to continue?CANCELOKWe've moved you to where you read on your other device.Get the full title to continueGet the full title to continue reading from where you

Vaudreuil Standards Track [Page 5] RFC 3463 Enhanced Mail System Status Codes January 2003 3.1 Other or Undefined Status X.0.0 Other undefined Status Other undefined status is the only undefined error Security Considerations This document describes a status code system with increased precision. Mail system specific status codes should be mapped as close as possible to the standard status codes. Note that the Billing nibble will always be set to 1 with this reason code. 0x3.0100..

Vaudreuil Standards Track [Page 9] RFC 3463 Enhanced Mail System Status Codes January 2003 X.4.6 Routing loop detected A routing loop caused the message to be forwarded too many times, either For domain names, this means the address portion to the right of the "@" is invalid for mail. 3.3 Mailbox Status X.2.0 Other or undefined mailbox status The mailbox exists, but Solution 4: Check the Office 365Message center to see if your organization has a known configuration issue.    In the Office 365 admin center choose Message center. This value applies to each of the three classifications.

Choose Send. These system components include any necessary infrastructure such as directory and routing services. Must be JSON format| NULL |64|5|REJECTED_INVALID_ACTION_GROUPS|Invalid actionGroups. This topic can help you fix email problems that are associated with error code 550 5.1.10 if you see this in a non-delivery report (NDR).

A DNS lookup returning only an SOA (Start of Administration) record for a domain name is one example of the unable to route error. Select the email address in the To box, then press the Delete key on your keyboard. REASON_REJECTED_BILLING_OUTOFCREDIT Subscriber out of credit Billing Subscriber has exceeded their credit limit.