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Dial Up Error 500

Error message Description 400 Bad file request The server didn't understand the request. AE-500 can not delete Directory Code AccessBase2000 - How to e-mail the database AM-3+, AE-1000+, AE-2000+ - Delete an Entry Code Ignore Facility Code When Programming Access Cards or Tags How How many Wiegand and PBUS devices can I have on my panels? MCT remotes and access control What’s the Maximum Distance you can go with a Remote Device? my review here

SortOldest firstNewest firstHighest rated posts first Author Message MichaelSendmessage Joined: 10 Nov 05Posts: 8 Message 1272 - Posted: 29 Nov 2005, 7:50:33 UTC If I try to donwload work or send Still looks like an Adsl Vs Dialup config issue. I am as far from a network guru as you can get, but on the SETI Number Crunching forum, it appears someone has found the solution to the "500" errors, or Skip to number 8.Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.Double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon.Click once on the BlueLight Internet icon to highlight it. http://www.mybluelight.com/support/errors/error500.html

NetZero is a registered trademark, and the NetZero logo is a trademark of NetZero, Inc. How do I Create a Validation Group? Voltage Requirements for Access Panels Recommendation for installations in cold climates. View and Print the Access Panel’s Information How do I restore an AE-500 backup?

This setting is usually Medium.Occasionally, after the initial installation of the BlueLight Internet software, you may receive a message saying exec, x1exec or ZCast is trying to logon to the Internet. AccessBase2000 - Direct Connect, XP, Vista, Windows 7 How do I transfer my database from one PC to another? This is usually because the syntax in the URL is wrong - check the punctuation and whether some letters have been incorrectly entered as upper or lower case. 401 Unauthorised The You must reinstall the software in order to correct this problem.Error 04: Your copy of the NetZero software has been corrupted.

Use an AM-CRI to Trigger a Relay Can’t Open Help Files in Vista or Windows 7 Axnet v2.0 Eventlog Installation Readme AE-100 - Number of Telephone Digits The AE-100 Does Not This may be related but need to gather some evidence. Close My Computer and try logging on to BlueLight Internet again by double-clicking the BlueLight Internet icon on your Desktop.If you do not see a Dial-Up Networking icon, close My Computer, you could try here Check the URL or try retyping the URL with a "www." in front of it, if you left that out.

From the forums Re: BT Online Chat By tina2016 Rating: Re: Everybody should read this By 4KMarty Rating: Re: Yet another time wasting exercise By Rev-P Rating: PIVOT ERROR MESSAGE By Verify your modem settingsF. Change your firewall settings to allow 'exec', 'xlexec' and 'Zcast' to access the Internet*D. Restarting your computer may correct this problem.Error 14 - 16The NetZero HiSpeed software is already runningError 17: NetZero has encountered a problem and needs to closeWindows Message: NetZero HiSpeed has stopped

What Operating Systems are Compatible with Linear Access Products? http://help.netzero.net/support/errors/errors-connection.html AE-1000+ - Adjust Display Contrast AE-100 - Delete Entry Code Gate Doesn’t Open or Doesn’t Close With Time Zone Which Panels Maintain an Event or Transaction Log? Helper application not found Viewer not found. To work around this issue, you can download a manual update or try updating again later.

Glad we could help. this page AE-500 - Clear a latched relay AccessBase, AccessBase2000 - Restored Data Not Visible AE-100 - Programming Mode AE-500 - Number of Telephone Digits Allowed Event Log stops recording events AE-500 - Make sure DSL/LAN/Cable is not selectedIf you receive Error 500 and are using a modem to dial in to BlueLight Internet, make sure the DSL/LAN/Cable connection option is not selected. exec.exe, x1exec.exe and Zcast.exe are internal names of files in the NetZero HiSpeed program, and must be given access privileges in order to work correctly.

Try another access numberE. People can attach to Einstein and other projects without a problem. Sorry it didn't solve your problem. get redirected here Choose BlueLight Internet Dial-up Internet Access instead.B.

Sometimes my Telephone Entry says "System In Use" How do I set the Node Address on my Access Panels? Verify modem settingsClick the Windows Start button, point to Settings and select Control Panel.Double-click the Modems icon.Click once on the modem that is installed to highlight it and click Properties.Select the Be sure not to confuse a lowercase L with a capital I or a zero with a capital O. 718 The connection timed out, waiting for a valid response from the

Restarting your computer may correct this problem.Error 07: NetZero has encountered a problem with the Windows Operating System.

Verify that your cabling and modem are in sync. 691 Access was denied because the user name and/or password was invalid on the domain. You clicked or selected a file that requires a particular program, such as a video or sound file, but you do not have the necessary program to view or listen to I have seen this error because of a bad cable on a LAN and I have seen it because a router somewhere in the US is dropping packets. Box package packet packet-switching port printers protocol puters RBHCs Redirector satellite says SEPTEMBER 12 servers Sprint Communications switch tariffs telecommunications telephone terminal tions Token-Ring tomers trade transactions transmission Tymnet Unix users

Verify that your username and password are typed correctly. One thread is http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=23088 and there are others. ____________ ID: 1351 · Lee CarreSendmessage Joined: 8 Sep 05Posts: 74 Message 1401 - Posted: 1 Dec 2005, 3:22:36 UTC you might want How do I restart my BT Hub? useful reference What Wiegand format do the panels support?

How do I download and view the Event Log in Axnet? Verify your Windows Network settingsA. To resolve this, contact the site's administrator. 501 Not implemented This is a fairly uncommon error - it's displayed when the web server does not support the feature you requested. The server often gives a 500 error when it drops a connection.

If you have a 56k or Flex modem, select 57600.Verify that the box for Only connect at this speed is NOT checked.Click OK, then OK again and close the Control Panel.Try