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They have a point, even if i don't agree here is it http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/7807/itshouldrh5.jpg So the main thing should be, which version do you prefer from EE Demented2008-07-04, 01:34 AMI probably shouldn't Frankly, with most games, we're lucky if we get an atmosphere at all. We're not saying to use the pixellated graphics, but we are saying that the more realistic, gritty, un-overemphasized look of things and people make the game that much more engrossing. Also, realism is boring, I'd take TF2 over FF any day. navigate to this website

Could you provide a link or a short summary to that, please? It's like me saying I refuse to play because I wanted the barb to have more scars. Perhaps instead of color in the lights they should give the actual stone or environments colors (that paranoid green and blue could be shown as vile moss and ichor covered stone Especially against Baal's Minions. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/5386227/

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Lastly, please remember that Blizzard provides these forums as a venue for our customers to discuss our games. A perfect example of Unpleasable Fanbase. GaradurLP 99 weergaven 15:15 Let's Play Dead Space 2 #001 [Deutsch] [HD] - Duur: 15:13. See the humility of the torches?

The random green/blue is entirely distracting. If that's the case, I won't be surprised if Blizzard takes the art towards something more similar to W3 and S2 graphics. Sr papel Higienico :v 216 weergaven 0:09 Mike Lawal - "Diablo Dungeons" Prod. Diablo 3 Error 12 Another 10-15 min after same thing reoccurs.

On the contrary. What is wrong with that?Click to expand... It works in every other game but D3 and WoW, and it is glorious in those games to have minimal input lag and no tearing. Chai Tea 75.627 weergaven 1:02 my el diablo meme - Duur: 0:18.

Please help to fix it or move my Americas region characters to Asia region, and I will never touch Americas region any more.NGOKIENTHUAN4 2d 2d Extreme Latency Issues - Only Since Diablo 3 Error 3005 And besides, Blizzard are making the game, so they obviously thought this was the best direction for it. Error BLZPTS00007 - This indicates that the Agent support program was unable to run. What about the items and skills; does all that get toppled becasue of the rainbow presence?

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Bezig... Check This Out what about this gloomy, misty cathedral with weird, surreal lights all over the place, dark shadows and the boss moving in the background was not creepy enough for a Diablo game? Diablo 3 Error 3003 It is first the gameplay, followed by the experience as a whole, which makes a game memorable, or, indeed, an outstanding piece of work and graphics lend themselves to a game's Diablo 3 Error 75 Thanks for reading, DongerGod #1301DongerGod10 2d 2d Can't get pass loading screen.

Learn more You're viewing YouTube in Dutch. useful reference Eita2008-07-03, 11:39 PMDon't be so suspicious. I can't start Diablo 3. I just got back into the game since about a 3 month break of it, and I never previously had issues with latency or lag before. Diablo 3 Error 3007

Laden... The edited images have been artificially sharpened and color-adjusted, probably by a still-image editing software like Photoshop. This will sound strange but trust me on this. my review here Laden...

I also bought an ssd but it didn't help much, im gonna move my system files to the ssd as well. Diablo 3 Error 32105 PTR General Feedback [2.0.1] 5 / 2 by Lylirra Dec 13, 2013 Question about ROS. And while I've played my share of games in which nature was totally perverted by evil and the weather was always forboding, I prefer games that occasionally give glimpses that the

I don't care that Deckard Cain is already present, I want him as a damn GMPC who keeps running in and stealing your thunder, all the while bathing the world in

The more "cartoon-ish" designs of the backgrounds and characters leave a lot to be desired in the Diablo universe, dark or bright. And a cool little link: http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/7807/itshouldrh5.jpg So the complaint is "Wah! I personally consider the expansion's exterior areas a failure to the Diablo universe, but by offering 800x600, I think everybody allowed it a bit of play. Diablo 3 Error 25009 Posting something like "Major problem!!

And most of those who played diablo1 in their highschool times are not entirely their targets anymore. I'm also amused by the excessively long, grandilloquent, and whiny post above stating that graphics don't make the game, and then being composed entirely of whining about graphics. If you're using Windows, make sure Windows Secondary Logon is enabled, which Agent requires to run correctly. get redirected here Lucky you. :smallsmile: But, in short, it boils down to both Blizzard before they did some research, and people, remembering old Diablo games wrong - their colour palette wasn't all ash

Note the line of sight, exterior area without bombarding us with brightness. http://forums.gametrailers.com/showthread.php?p=12210086#post12210086 here is an example of how they changed sc2 after feed back. I am really not happy with the fact when you spend hours of constant grinding Bounties for Materials, and the game crashes or Network Crashes, you lose all your progress when Diablo II, while forfeiting a degree of the genuine terror in Diablo, makes up for it with diversity and gameplay.

Bear in mind that game graphics usually don't tend to be pre-rendered. Hello, my friends. Probeer het later opnieuw. Discuss.

If you’ve found a solution to your issue, or fixed your issue, you can mark your post, and the entire thread, as [Solved]. Maybe Blizzard is playing us all for fools. Some insight on the matter would be appreciated! Tell that the foul crows and their nest, the sandleapers and the jolly dung beetles that populate that desert.

Reaper of Souls General Feedback 11 / 2 by Nevalistis Jan 6, 2014 Item rolls from crafting very disappointing Reaper of Souls General Feedback 23 / 2 by Nevalistis archon_huskie2008-07-02, 10:29 PMThat's actually a good point. Now, please direct your attention to here: http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/media/screenshots.xml#8 Now, in total honesty, try and forget for a moment that Diablo III was announced and that this is Diablo III.