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Diablo 3 Error 13000


error -400 gcrOnMFMErr: gcr format on high density media error error -360 slotNumErr: invalid slot # error error -351 smRecNotFnd: Record not found in the SRT. Suddenly the little smokebreath appeared. error -23013 invalidBufPtr: The receive buffer area pointer is 0 (nil). c++ errorI still have the screenshot, anyone knows what this is all about?I had blizz mobile authenticator, I'm guessing this is what saved me from getting hacked, judging from the posts navigate to this website

I've played the Beta without patches - copying the installation from Windows drive.Btw, just installed it, Launcher + cinematics + menu is working. Only 20 minutes to go before it's opened! It is in your hands now.Ok,I have to go! error -23045 authNameErr: The domain name does not exist. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5270827975

Diablo 3 Error 3003

error -410 notBTree: The file is not a dictionary. Im very lazy XD XD What story do you want next? error -23012 connectionTerminated: The TCP connection was broken; the reason will be given a terminate ASR. error -23011 streamAlreadyOpen: An open stream is already using the receive buffer area.

error -315 smNoBoardId: No Board Id. Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Tools Jump to Forum Crafting 13,000 Demonic Essences, it will take 15 hours, is this right? #1 Jun 23, 2013 INVIS error -340 smBlkMoveErr: _BlockMove error error -339 smNewPErr: _NewPtr error error -338 smSelOOBErr: Selector out of bounds error error -337 smSlotOOBErr: Slot out of bounds error error -336 smNilsBlockErr: Nil sBlock Diablo 3 Error 12 Astra nodded and took her bag.

Last edited by kevin89 (2012-05-15 06:26:48) Offline #12 2012-05-15 15:07:19 Gcool Member Registered: 2011-08-16 Posts: 1,456 Re: Diablo 3 on archlinux Installed it today and been playing a little bit. Diablo 3 Error 3006 chimp 1 posts chimp Ignored 15 Dec 2013 Copy URL View Post Guys haven't you heard? your face is getting old!" art status: requests - closed commissions - don't do on here art trades - open collabs - open gifts - friends Top Login or It acts like it is verifying a patch, then I get one of 2 errors:-The game says it cannot download a critical file, and to check my internet connection, which is

error 20109 dsShutDownOrResume: allow user to return to Finder or ShutDown error 32767 dsSysErr: general system error Shop By BrandSelect your Apple Computer or iPodsMac Pro Tower Service PartsMac Mini Service Diablo 3 Error 3005 Astra sat on Toothles with Hiccup and they flew to theDragon Isle. That's like 33.3k elite kills on MP10 or 55k on MP5. Hcinly 3 posts Hcinly Ignored 15 Dec 2013 1 Copy URL View Post agree with you!

Diablo 3 Error 3006

Top Login or register to post comments Sat, 02/13/2016 - 12:56 #3 ManahArkaina Offline Supreme Viking Champion Joined: 11/24/2015 Same here... his explanation Wanting to play a game they purchased, what a joke. Diablo 3 Error 3003 After her training a changewing her favourite thing became racing. Diablo 3 Error 75 sajuuk 7 posts sajuuk Ignored 15 Dec 2013 1 Copy URL View Post Shame on Blazzard :) Veroxian 90 Orc Warrior 0 3 posts Veroxian Ignored 15 Dec 2013 Copy URL

any help appreciated Offline #17 2012-05-19 20:09:25 IllIllIlI Member Registered: 2012-01-29 Posts: 15 Re: Diablo 3 on archlinux got it runningreinstalled bumblebee, then realized i haven't got lib32-virtualgl installed, that did useful reference error -313 smNoBoardSRsrc: No Board sResource. We need new dragons! error -3168 kOTStateChangeErr: The endpoint is undergoing a transient state change. Diablo 3 Error 3007

error -3161 kOTFlowErr: The endpoint is in asynchronous mode, but the flow control mechanism prevents the endpoint from accepting any data at this time. error -290 smSDMInitErr: Error; SDM could not be initialized. error -6225 kDMMirroringNotOn: Returned by all calls that need mirroring to be on to do their thing. my review here Sand Wraith ZAMIS male adult 8.

In an attempt to remedy the situation I created a new thread here. Diablo 3 Error 32105 error -23010 invalidStreamPtr: The specified TCP or UDP stream is not open. or dsIOCoreErr: IO Core Error error 15 dsLoadErr: Segment Loader Error error 16 dsFPErr: Floating point error error 17 dsNoPackErr: package 0 not present error 18 dsNoPk1: package 1 not present

Typhoomerang FERRARI female adult 12.Fireworm Queen CHRYSAN the MUM female adult 13.

You download the Downloader (yeah) from official site.DSpider wrote:Dual booting is really not that difficult.Preferences. Offline #13 2012-05-15 15:11:36 Graveer Member From: Poland Registered: 2011-07-24 Posts: 10 Re: Diablo 3 on archlinux Gcool wrote:Installed it today and been playing a little bit. error -23014 invalidRDS: The RDS refers to receive buffers not owned by the user. Diablo 3 Error 25009 Flightmares, Am I Right? ~The Path Of The Ninja~ [A Unlimated Spot Naruto RP] The Curse of Harvest Haunt ~ 9 Spot RP Introducing the Icecrusher- Customize bases Not afraid...

error -346 smBadsPtrErr: Bad pointer was passed to sCalcsPointer error -345 smsGetDrvrErr: Error occurred during _sGetDriver. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack Vingor#1871 #7 Jun 23, 2013 Bagstone Bagstone View User Profile View Posts Send Message Senior Moderator Ancient Join Date: 9/27/2012 Posts: 7,892 Btag: bagstone#2613 Member Details I got in, I think their servers are back up, you should give it a shot now...I can only assume if it's working for me again I can't be the only get redirected here error -13005 pmRecvEndErr: during receive pmgr did not finish hs configured for this connection error -13004 pmRecvStartErr: during receive pmgr did not start hs error -13003 pmSendEndErr: during send pmgr did

error -292 smPRAMInitErr: Error; Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. All other connection indications must be handled either by rejecting them with SndDisconnect, or by accepting them with Accept. error -6227 kDMSWNotInitializedErr: Required software not initialized (eg windowmanager or display mgr). in the U.S.

error -23043 noResultProc: No result procedure is passed to the address translation call when the resolver must be used to find the address. Everything basically worked out of the box and haven't run into any issues/glitches so far. CHC Calculator +++ Life% vs. error -23044 noNameServer: No name server can be found for the specified name string.

Something invinsible (try to guess what it is)))) landed. BUT! Astra wanted a night fury, of course, but noone knows where they live. Deadly Nadder was suprised and disappointed.

Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Suddenly she heard a swish. This error is returned when a function call is made while an endpoint is in the process of changing states. Roleplay (+18 at some parts) Rise Of The Sky: 7 spot rp Ambience [10 Spot Roleplay] ~Power Play~A 7 Spot Superhero RP Comment about the Signature above you PART 5!!!!!

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack Difficulty Overview +++ Season Journey Tracker Mitigation Calculator +++ CHD vs. looks like there are some BUGS, in the core of their systems... You download the Downloader (yeah) from official site.DSpider wrote:Dual booting is really not that difficult.Preferences. error -23006 invalidLength: The total amount of data described by the WDS was either 0 or greater than 65,535 bytes.