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E2136: No definition for abstract method '%s' allowed (Delphi) You have declared to be abstract, but the compiler has found a definition for the method in the source file. E2123: PROCEDURE, FUNCTION, PROPERTY, or VAR expected (Delphi) The tokens that follow "class" in a member declaration inside a class type are limited to procedure, function, var, and property. E2425: Inline methods must not be virtual nor dynamic (Delphi) In order for an inline method to be inserted inline at compile-time, the method must be bound at compile-time. E2314: Attribute - The MarshalAs attribute has fields set that are not valid for the specified unmanaged type (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. check my blog

CLS recommends a specific naming convention for property accessor methods: get_propname and set_propname. E2224: $DESIGNONLY and $RUNONLY only allowed in package unit (Delphi) The compiler has encountered either $designonly or $runonly in a source file which is not a package. E2103: 16-Bit fixup encountered in object file '%s' (Delphi) A 16-bit fixup has been found in one of the object modules linked to your program with the $L compiler directive. BDE error 10019, Translate error :Value out of bounds 3.

Translate Error Value Out Of Bounds Delphi

Note: You can disable these hints by turning off Inlining in Project->Options->Compiling. You should consider updating your source code to use another symbol, if possible.The $WARN SYMBOL_DEPRECATED ON/OFF compiler directive turns on or off all warnings about the deprecated directive on symbols in RE: Translate error: Value out of bounds RobPouwelse (TechnicalUser) (OP) 17 May 05 11:07 I have tried the following solutions:If the fields DataType is a date and isn't null then store

E2109: Constant expected (Delphi) The inline assembler was expecting to find a constant but did not find one. E2032: For loop control variable must have ordinal type (Delphi) The control variable of a for loop must have type Boolean, Char, WideChar, Integer, an enumerated type, or a subrange type. Originally created by [Tamarack] Sun, 09 Oct 2016 00:41:03 UTC Copyright © 2009-2016 HREF Tools Corp. Delphi Error 104 Use Include/Exclude to add or remove methods.

E2383: ABSTRACT and SEALED cannot be used together (Delphi) A class cannot be both sealed and abstract.The sealed modifier is used to prevent inheritance of a class, while the abstract modifier Delphi Error 103 Unlike record types, they cannot be anonymous.The main reason for this is that there would be no way you could declare the methods of that type (since there is no type John Pierce Other Threads 1. E2208: Interface '%s' already implemented by '%s' (Delphi) The class specified by name2 has specified the interface name1 more than once in the inheritance section of the class definition.

E2211: Declaration of '%s' differs from declaration in interface '%s' (Delphi) A method declared in a class which implements an interface is different from the definition which appears in the interface. Delphi Error Connecting With Ssl E2329: Metadata - Error occured during a read (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. do not hesitate trying various tools for mssql database restore tool, it is often the only choice to retrieve the data from corrupted documents jemmy says: 12:18 PM Good one.. E2138: Invalid message parameter list (Delphi) A message procedure can take only one, VAR, parameter; it's type is not checked.

Delphi Error 103

Thank you very much in advance. imp source Join the community of 500,000 technology professionals and ask your questions. Translate Error Value Out Of Bounds Delphi Check your constant expressions and respecify them so that a division by zero error will not occur. Delphi Error Handling Expanding the inline function in another unit would require accessing the local symbol from outside the unit, which is not permitted.To correct this error, move the local symbol declaration to the

Otherwise, you can use the TO_DATE function, provided REQUESTLIVE is false in the BDE. http://completeprogrammer.net/delphi-error/delphi-error-message.html The reason you got the invalid time error is that you used the default date format with a 4-digit year instead of the default 2-digit year. The Cardinal type has one more digit of precision than the Integer type, and thus comparing the two values cannot accurately be performed in only 32 bits. E2333: Metadata - Data value was truncated (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. Delphi Error 105

sDate:= #39 + FormatDateTime('mm/dd/yyyy', DateValue) + #39; SQL.Text := 'SELECT * FROM PTABLE WHERE PDate = ' + sDate; ... x1026: File not found: '%s' (Delphi) This error message occurs when the compiler cannot find an input file. CODEfor i := 0 to srcQuery.FieldList.Count-1 dobeginif srcQuery.Fields[i].DataType = ftDate thenbeginif not srcQuery.Fields[i].IsNull thenbeginSQLResultMemo.Lines.Add(srcQuery.FieldDefs[i].Name + chr(VK_TAB) +FormatDateTime('dd/mm/yyyy',srcQuery.Fields[i].AsDateTime));endelsebeginSQLResultMemo.Lines.Add(srcQuery.FieldDefs[i].Name + chr(VK_TAB) +'Null');end;endelsebeginSQLResultMemo.Lines.Add(srcQuery.FieldDefs[i].Name + chr(VK_TAB) +srcQuery.Fields[i].AsString);end;end;Finally, f the fields DataType is a date and news The link is at: http://www.markwatson.com/opensource/FastTag_Pascal.zip While testing, it prompts InValidPointer.

Maintenance of runtime type information requires a unique name for each published member. Delphi Convert E2185: Overriding automated virtual method '%s' cannot specify a dispid (Delphi) The dispid declared for the original virtual automated procedure declaration must be used by all overriding procedures in derived classes. The linker, on the other hand, determined that the helper function was not actually used by the program and it did not link it into the program.

This is a warning because the procedure which receives the control variable is able to modify it, thereby changing the semantics of the FOR-loop which issued the call.

Several restrictions must be met: Check the naming restrictions on segment names in the help file Not more than 10 segments Not more than 255 external symbols Not more than 50 Quote> Hi all, > I am trying to create a simple query with Delphi 5.00 Enterprise Version > , Service pack 1 installed and BDE 5.11, against an Oracle 7.3 database. Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members! Delphi Convert Real To Integer I strongly recommend doing this because of the dangers of a yy year format.

E2173: Missing or invalid conditional symbol in '$%s' directive (Delphi) The $IFDEF, $IFNDEF, $DEFINE and $UNDEF directives require that a symbol follow them. I use TListView in almost all of my applications I've written, and I was not going to compromise by resorting to TStringGrid… Delphi How to create custom scanning profiles in PaperPort If the use of an attribute violates AttributeUsage.allowmultiple then this error will be raised. http://completeprogrammer.net/delphi-error/delphi-error-code-32.html E2447: Duplicate symbol '%s' defined in namespace '%s' by '%s' and '%s' (Delphi) This error occurs when symbols from separate units are combined into a common namespace, and the same symbol

E2139: Illegal message method index (Delphi) You have specified value for your message index which <= 0. E2167: Abstract methods must be virtual or dynamic (Delphi) When declaring an abstract method in a base class, it must either be of regular virtual or dynamic virtual type. But the ability to create custom scanning profiles a… Document Imaging Document Management OCR Images and Photos Photos / Graphics Software How to Send a Secure eFax Video by: j2 Global Check your computations to ensure that the value can be represented by the computer hardware.

This is not supported. more E2009: Incompatible types: '%s' (Delphi) The compiler has detected a difference between the declaration and use of a procedure. Was any city/town/place named "Washington" prior to 1790? E2217: Published field '%s' not a class or interface type (Delphi) An attempt has been made to publish a field in a class which is not a class nor interface type.

When the error occurs at the beginning of a line, the actual error is often on the previous line. E2316: Attribute - The format of the GUID was invalid (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. x2044: Chmod error on '%s' (Delphi) The file permissions are not properly set on a file. E2053: Syntax error in real number (Delphi) This error message occurs if the compiler finds the beginning of a scale factor (an 'E' or 'e' character) in a number, but no

Place a button on the form. E2416: Could not import package '%s' because it contains system unit '%s' (Delphi) The Borland.Delphi.System unit may only be loaded from the Borland.Delphi.dll package.