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x2043: Close error on '%s' (Delphi) The compiler encountered an error while closing an input or output file.This should rarely happen. Published Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 In its default settings, the Delphi IDE notifies you whenever an exception occurs in your program, as in Figure 1. Delphi will not notify you of exceptions, and it will also not stop at breakpoints or allow use of the "Pause" button. If neither of these solutions work, contact CodeGear Developer Support. check my blog

x1008: Integer and HRESULT interchanged (Delphi) In Delphi, Integer, Longint, and HRESULT are compatible types, but in C++ the types are not compatible and will produce differently mangled C++ parameter names. Movie about a guy who uses a notebook to relive and fix horrible accidents that he and his friends caused Speed and Velocity in German DDOS attack against Ethereum How to x1033: Unit '%s' implicitly imported into package '%s' (Delphi) The unit specified was not named in the contains clause of the package, but a unit which has already been included in F2047: Circular unit reference to '%s' (Delphi) One or more units use each other in their interface parts.As the compiler has to translate the interface part of a unit before any http://www.delphibasics.co.uk/RTL.asp?Name=messagedlg

Delphi Exception Error Message

E2106: Inline assembler stack overflow (Delphi) Your inline assembler code has exceeded the capacity of the inline assembler. In previous versions of Delphi, these units may have compiled without error, because symbol scope was defined by the unit alone. Chami.com TipsHome > Tips > Programming > Better way to display [error] messages 300+ book mentions, 95% thumbs up, millions of downloads.

E2335: Metadata - A shared mem open failed to open at the originally (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. It is dangerous to leave these allocations lying around.Delphi provides an alternative part to the exception wrapper the Finally clause. It is illegal to provide a definition for an abstract declaration. Delphi Error 104 One common, yet difficult to realize, error of this sort is to use a record with a field called 'ch' - the inline assembler will always interpret 'ch' to be a

E2332: Metadata - An ill-formed name was given (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. Delphi Error 103 Variant records do not allow types that need initialization in their variant field list since each variant field references the same memory location. F2039: Could not create output file '%s' (Delphi) The compiler could not create an output file. http://docs.embarcadero.com/products/rad_studio/delphiAndcpp2009/HelpUpdate2/EN/html/devcommon/delphimessagespart_xml.html E2103: 16-Bit fixup encountered in object file '%s' (Delphi) A 16-bit fixup has been found in one of the object modules linked to your program with the $L compiler directive.

E2190: Thread local variables cannot be ABSOLUTE (Delphi) A thread local variable cannot refer to another variable, nor can it reference an absolute memory address. Delphi Message Box E2320: Attribute - The specified unmanaged type is only valid on fields (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. If the accessors for a property are not methods, or if the given methods do not match the CLS name pattern, the Delphi compiler will attempt to generate methods with CLS except on E: Exception do begin ShowMessage(E.Message); end; end; You wouldn't actually do this though.

Delphi Error 103

Consider the following example: type cnMessageIDs = ( nMsgID_NoError, nMsgID_FileNotFound, nMsgID_OutOfMemory, nMsgID_ExitProgram // list your other error // IDs here... ); const csMessages_ShortVersion : array [ Low( cnMessageIDs ).. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19252589/create-error-messages-delphi-7 Check your computations to ensure that the value can be represented by the computer hardware. Delphi Exception Error Message Using '%s.%s' found in %s. Delphi Error Handling more hot questions question feed lang-pascal about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation

If you don't have one, this will be the Delphi default handler - it will report the error and terminate your program.Often, you will want to handle the error, and continue http://completeprogrammer.net/delphi-error/delphi-error-code.html E2343: Metadata - Primary key column may not allow the null value (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. Related 15Display the call stack in a Delphi Win32 application367How to get useful error messages in PHP?0Delphi - Message loop for Form created in DirectShow filter goes dead6Delphi: Application error logging E2426: Inline function must not have asm block (Delphi) Inline functions can not include an asm block. Delphi Error 105

E2237: Parameter '%s' not allowed here due to default value (Delphi) When using default parameters a list of parameters followed by a type is not allowed; you must specify each variable thank you for taking the time to help. x1012: Constant expression violates subrange bounds (Delphi) This error message occurs when the compiler can determine that a constant is outside the legal range. news When an exception occurs in the wrapped code (or anything it calls), the code will jump to the exception handling part of the wrapping code :begin
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Why doesn’t Sleep(1) pause for just one millisecond? Delphi Showmessage One possible, and not altogether apparent, reason for getting this error is that a new version of the base class hierarchy has been installed and it contains new member variables which Check your constant expressions and respecify them so that a division by zero error will not occur.

This message is displayed with the standard dialog.

E2334: Metadata - Old version error (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. Packaged units must refer only to packaged units (Delphi) E2412 CREATE expected (Delphi) E2413 Dynamic array type needed (Delphi) E2414 Disposed_ cannot be declared in classes with destructors (Delphi) E2415 Could delphi windows-7 error-handling share|improve this question asked Oct 8 '13 at 15:56 DNgentle 314 1 E.g. Delphi Messagedlg The standard function HIGH can, however, be applied to old-style short strings.Since long strings dynamically size themselves, no analog to the HIGH function can be used.This error can be caused if

asked 3 years ago viewed 1712 times active 3 years ago Blog International salaries at Stack Overflow Linked 0 How to put a ShowMessage if conditional evaluates to false? What is an untyped parameter? Now if you application is ran outside the Delphi IDE (not debuging) or if you turn of specific Exception detection in IDE then the code within the except block will fire More about the author Please enter a valid email address.

E2224: $DESIGNONLY and $RUNONLY only allowed in package unit (Delphi) The compiler has encountered either $designonly or $runonly in a source file which is not a package. What is this red X icon showing in Thunderbird? String truncated. Why must the types of actual and formal var parameters be identical?

E2128: %s clause expected, but %s found (Delphi) The compiler was, due to the Delphi language syntax, expecting to find a clause1 in your program, but instead found clause2. E2197: Constant object cannot be passed as var parameter (Delphi) This error message is reserved. E2089: Invalid typecast (Delphi) This error message is issued for type casts not allowed by the rules. Attribute arguments cannot be global variables, for example.

E2072: Number of elements (%d) differs from declaration (%d) (Delphi) This error message appears when you declare a typed constant or initialized variable of array type, but do not supply the more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed It is not possible to put a unit compiled with the $DENYPACKAGEUNIT direction into a package. E2342: Metadata - Too many RID or primary key columns, 1 is max (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning.

Is there a way to do this? H2077 Value assigned to '%s' never used (Delphi) H2135 FOR or WHILE loop executes zero times - deleted (Delphi) H2164 Variable '%s' is declared but never used in '%s' (Delphi) H2219 Ignoring duplicate in %s (Delphi) No further information is available for this error or warning. Right-click on the breakpoint dot in the gutter and open the breakpoint-property dialog.

x1030: Invalid compiler directive: '%s' (Delphi) This error message means there is an error in a compiler directive or in a command line option. The compiler only supports 32 bit fixups in linked object modules. Use Include/Exclude procedure (Delphi) Multicast events cannot be assigned to or read from like traditional Delphi read/write events. You should consider updating your source code to use another symbol, if possible.The $WARN SYMBOL_DEPRECATED ON/OFF compiler directive turns on or off all warnings about the deprecated directive on symbols in