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Dell Inspiron 1501 Error Accessing Lcd Inverter


I would try replacing it again just in case. So I am now thinking of what I need to do to check whether the power supply to the inverter is stable. Keep up the good work. Do this turn off laptop. http://completeprogrammer.net/dell-inspiron/dell-inspiron-1501-charger-error.html

With older versions of PSA diagnostics prior to November 2005, LCD BIST runs after responding with a after receiving a 3-3-3 or 3-3-4 error code. When I put the new screen in it’s still dark! Watch for the LCD BIST color generation and listen for the beeps every 2 seconds that indicate LCD BIST is running. If reconnecting the cable doesn't help, I guess you'll have to replace the screen again. http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/alienware/f/3746/t/19582458

Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen

Couple of things to keep in mind: A: If the CCFL fails it will not load the inverter, so no mag field. It says the LCD is "not active" if I recall right. I can see very faint image. cj2600 September 20, 2009 | Jesse, Could the bulb and the inverter board go bad at the same time?

cant move, cant shut down, no response to alt crtl del. Nixon nicholas February 6, 2010 | Hello, I was wondering how one can pinpoint the faulty component, when the laptop had a flickering screen which now blacks out after a few Laptop is a Toshiba A205-S5871. Dell Inspiron 1501 Backlight Replacement HP 530 Notebook PC Open Questions: 0 Answers fn key on my inspiron 6400 not working May 09, 2014 | Dell Inspiron 6400 Notebook 0 Answers Augen E-GO will not start

I am sure this must be possible but i am inexperienced in testing electronic components. Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Wont Come On or some driver problem ok first i intalled drivers then lets see it is enable or not. It's not difficult to removed the bezel, takes only 5 minutes. http://www.laptoprepair101.com/how-test-lcd-screen-inverter-in-laptop/ You'll need to remove the old one to find a replacement - they're generally not sold new, separate from the screen, so you'll have to try a parts refurbisher or EBay.If

Is this simply an issue with my screen inverter or with the wires, and is it fixable or not? Dell Inspiron 1525 Replacement Screen i am running a 14.4v batt. I also tried many times to remove the battery and pushed the power button for a while, but now this trick is also not working for me. I'm hoping that someone might be able to provide me with a few ideas on what might be wrong with my LCD laptop … Laptop Crashed - Stuck during booting 7

Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Wont Come On

Steve Midwinter November 22, 2009 | I have an Acer Aspire 1710 which has gone Black Screen completely , can see no image on screen. check here call dell and give the error code and get the LCD repalced. Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen So replace motherboard. Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Wont Turn On Note: When I plug an external monitor there's no problem, video is ok.

Thanks, Ron JLyon October 7, 2009 | Hi,love this,it is so informative! http://completeprogrammer.net/dell-inspiron/dell-inspiron-1501-error-code-0141.html When i was pluging the AC ADAPTER i was getting the same dim pitch black screen…so i reached the conclusion that the inverter was bad…replaced the inverter also and everything was the Fn key for brightness works backwards so up is for lower and down is for higher. Inverter? Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Flickers Then Goes Black

The flashing Caps Lock and Scroll Lock LED lights indicate as you said, a Video Card or Motherboard failure according to the No Post LED errors. and then turn on the computer. The inverter failure is very similar to the backlight lamp failure. have a peek at these guys This may also be causing the freezing problem and will most likely require a replacement.

From your description is sounds like you have no image at all, so it’s not related to the inverter board. 2. Dell Inspiron E1505 Replacement Screen What are the nits? Check out Alienware Artificial Intelligence I can't always reply to PM's, if you need extra assistance visit: Like 0 Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to

From my experience (and I replaced hundreds of them), the inverter either work or not.

Any thoughts please please please ??? I accidently closed the laptop screen cover when a pen was still sitting on the keyboard. cj2600 August 26, 2009 | mauricio, sometimes the backlight turns on the sometimes not Can you see a very very dim image on the screen when the backlight is off? Dell Inspiron 1520 Replacement Screen I think you should expect readings somewhere between 10VDC-20VDC, it depends on the model.

Like 0 Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. I have tried changing the inverter and have pluged the screen in to another laptop to check the back light which is working fine too. Does this sound like a failing inverter or could there be other explanations? check my blog There are two different types of backlight connector, you can see them on the picture below.

Nothing special about Alienware invertors UNLESS Dell has used some proprietary connector (like their M/B front panel header pin outs for example). Dave Nathan P June 23, 2009 | I have an issue with my laptop that I think is connected to the screen inverter. Tell us some more! Unfortunately, I have no way to test the unit with known good spares.

A web search suggests that I replace the inverter. Here’s a link to the service manual: http://supportapj.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ins6400/en/sm/display.htm#wp1022270 Your responses are intended to improve the level of service provided. It does not fit the description of a bad lcd inverter. I'm just wondering,if it's a motherboard faulty problem,shouldn't my machine won't be able to start at all?

I now for sure know what to buy then. Help this question get an answer by entering the correct category or product below. But this time I noticed if I pulled the monitor from the top forward (i.e. Connecting an external monitor provides a perfect picture.

Yep, to me your description sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. DELL.COM > Community > Support Forums > Laptop > General Hardware > INSPIRON 1501 INVERTER Shop > Home & Home Office > Small & Medium Business > Large Business > Partners