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Now only no memory failure conditions generate the beep code, the beep pattern is 1-3-2 (1 beep, then 3 beeps, then 2 beeps). Topic Starter Posts: 6,000 +15 SUPERSOFT Beep Codes: XT BIOS 11 CPU register or logic error 12 ROM POST checksum error 13 8253 programmable interrupt timer channel 0 error 14 If available, swap with a verified working hard drive in the hard drive bay. If the message reappears, set the configuration jumper to Maintenance mode and restart the system to return all settings to their defaults Real time clock error The RTC has failed the http://completeprogrammer.net/dell-error/dell-error-messages-0142.html

This is the normal power states of a functioning machine. Can we call it the Tedster Codes List? HARD-DISK DRIVE CONFIGURATION ERROR The computer cannot identify the drive type. August 28, 2013 2:39 pm Dell Inspiron 15-3521/5521 (P28F-001) LCD Screen Removal and Installation... http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN293445

Dell B2360dn Error Messages

TechSpot is a registered trademark. HARD-DISK DRIVE FAILURE The hard drive does not respond to commands from the computer. If available, replace cables with verified working cables. Video (English Only) - Power issues on Desktop computers For more information on Desktop No Power Issues, please check out this links page : Solution guides for No Power Issues on

Run the hard drive tests in the Dell Diagnostics. Timer chip counter 2 failed A chip on the system board may be malfunctioning. If the monitor displayed anything at all during the startup process but is now black, this probably indicates that the computer failed POST. Dell Error Beep Codes No Power Issues Computers have a power indicator that glows when it is receiving power.

OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND Reinstall the hard drive (see your Service Manual at support.dell.com). MEMORY ADDRESS LINE FAILURE AT ADDRESS, READ VALUE EXPECTING VALUE A memory module may be faulty or improperly seated. September 5, 2013 2:48 pm Dell Inspiron 15-3521/5521 (P28F-001) DVD CDRW Optical Drive Removal and Installation... my company A possible coin cell battery failure has occurred.

Ensure that no special requirements for memory module/connector placement exist. Dell Error Codes 1 3 Plug the computer into a working electrical outlet and press the power button. Try copying the file to a different disk or use a larger capacity disk. You're all welcome.

Dell Computer Error Messages

Topic Starter Posts: 6,000 +15 The complete BIOS beep Guide- Mylex mobos Beeps Error Description 1Beep Normal boot- System is booting normally 2 Beeps Video adapter error- The video adapter http://www.bioscentral.com/postcodes/dellbios.htm Thank you ! Dell B2360dn Error Messages Try the following steps to resolve a desktop no-powering situation : Try a different wall outlet, and power it on. Dell Optiplex 755 Post Error Codes Show all | Hide all Diagnostic LEDs CPU configuration activity or failure; CPU Cache failure LED Pattern State Name State Description Suggested Resolution No Pattern Visible Off System POST complete -

Note: If your system is giving a code that isn't listed on this guide, then please contact your local support to investigate this unknown code further. More about the author Replace the IC if possible 2-1-2 64KB RAM failure Bit 1; This data bit on the first RAM IC has failed. Repeating High/Low CPU failure- Either the CPU is not seated properly or the CPU is damaged. Problem Description Suggested Resolution The computer is in a normal on condition. Dell Error Codes Lights

Ensure the power cable is connected to the supply & Press the test button to test the PSU. GENERAL FAILURE The operating system is unable to carry out the command. Dank u. check my blog Move the 2-pin jumper plug back to the password jumper.

No, create an account now. Dell Error Code 2000-0142 No Boot Once the system has loaded the Dell splash screen and then finished the POST checks, the Dell splash screen goes off and the system hands over to the Operating Troubleshoot further on the links below : How to Troubleshoot a Hard Drive not Detected error on a Dell PC How to resolve the "No Boot Device available" error with AMT

Also check keyboard cable and pins 1 long, 3 short, 1 long PIC 0 error- The programmable interrupt controller IC is faulty 1 long 4 short, 1 long PIC 1 error-

LED is blank. Correct the settings for the Date and Time options. The message is usually followed by specific information-for example, Printer out of paper. Dell Error Codes 1 2 3 Reinstall the memory modules and, if necessary, replace them.

Memory modules are detected, but a memory power failure has occurred. If available, install working memory of the same type into your computer. Frequently caused by failed ram, but not always. 1 long POST [Power On Self Test]- has passed all tests Dec 27, 2007 #1 Tedster Techspot old timer..... news Shutdown failure A chip on the system board might be malfunctioning.

Clear CMOS settings. Dell Diagnostics Dell Enhanced Pre-boot System Assessment, the ePSAs have been significantly improved with a view to streamlining the entire diagnostic process. Topic Starter Posts: 6,000 +15 Phoenix ISA/MCA/EISA BIOS Beep Codes Phoenix ISA/MCA/EISA BIOS Beep Codes: The beep codes are represented in the number of beeps. Topic Starter Posts: 6,000 +15 The complete BIOS beep Guide- Award BIOS For Motherboards with AWARD BIOS Beeps Error Message Description 1long, 2 short Video adapter error- Either video adapter

After each beep and each set of beeps, the BIOS should detect if the user presses the power button, if so, BIOS will jump out from looping and execute the normal Reinstall the memory modules and, if necessary, replace them. Contact Us Back to Top

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Insert bootable media. When a test fails, the user is notified via POST codes, Light codes, or Beep codes. If the computer starts normally, continue to install additional memory modules (one at a time) until you have identified a faulty module or reinstalled all modules without error.