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Dell Error Code E0876

Replacing a faulty power supply, power distribution board or system board resolves the problem. Check the System Setup configuration settings. But when I cycle the on/off switch of each psu, the server stay on. Memory modules installed are not the same type and size in all banks; faulty memory module(s). http://completeprogrammer.net/dell-error/dell-error-e0876.html

Memory slots DIMM3_A and DIMM3_B must be empty if Dual Rank memory DIMMs are in slots DIMM2_A and DIMM2_B. See "NIC Indicator Codes." System status indicator connector Connects to an indicator that can signify when the system is operating correctly or when the system needs attention. For example, if the code E0780MISSING CPU 1 appears, you know that a microprocessor is not installed in socket 1. Remote BIOS update attempt failed.Retry the BIOS update.

How to Monitor the System Temperature in Windows Even the most robust server can be damaged by heat. De server vereist normaal gesproken drie voedingen te functioneren . For more information, see "Finding Software Solutions" and the documentation that accompanied the operating system or application. Table2-6 lists the LCD status messages that can occur and the probable cause for each message.

If the problem persists, replace the VRM (see "Installing a Microprocessor VRM" in "Installing System Options"). PCI BIOS failed to install Loose cables to expansion card(s); faulty or improperly installed expansion card. See "Troubleshooting System Memory" in "Troubleshooting Your System." Diskette drive n seek failure Incorrect configuration settings in the System Setup program. See Figure2-2 for the front-panel indicators and features.

If the problem persists, replace the remote access card (see "Removing an Expansion Card" in "Installing System Options"). Please run SETUP Incorrect configuration settings in System Setup program; NVRAM_CLR jumper is installed; faulty system battery.Check the System Setup configuration settings. Drive being prepared for operation The green power-on/fault indicator is on. http://www.ehow.com/facts_7724450_dell-code-e0876-poweredge-4600.html See "Getting Help".

Controleer of de kabels zijn bevestigd aan elke voeding en dat de voedingen goed zijn geïnstalleerd . Check the System Setup configuration settings. Use a bootable diskette. Become part of our maker community.

See "Getting Help." Embedded RAID Firmware is not present Embedded RAID Firmware does not respond. https://cs.uwaterloo.ca/~brecht/servers/docs/PowerEdge-2600/en/Pe6650/IT/56ffcc20.htm Posted by at5147 on 7 Feb 2008 3:43 Congratulations!Power Supply 1 lost power, check cables, try to reseat it and if you still have a problem, swap them and see if The LCD display lights up during normal system operation. out of box M Get Weekly DIY Guides & Inspiration Life Made Easier.

Different patterns are displayed as drive events occur in the system. check my blog Install a microprocessor in the primary microprocessor socket. If the problem persists, see "Troubleshooting Expansion Cards" in "Troubleshooting Your System." PCIe Degraded Link Width Error: Embedded Bus#nn/Dev#nn/Funcn Expected Link Width is n Actual Link Width is n Faulty or Redundant memory is disabled.

After the system is identified, the blue indicator stops blinking and the amber indicator resumes blinking.

Front-Panel Indicators and Features Additional indicators are located behind the bezel. Zoeken computer kennis Home Hardware Netwerken Programmering Software Computerstoring Besturingssysteem *Computer Kennis>>Hardware>>Servers>>Content De Dell Error Code E0876 op de PowerEdge 4600 De E0876 fout op Dell -servers, zoals de PowerEdge 4600 Memory modules are installed in memory slots DIMM3_A and DIMM3_B. http://completeprogrammer.net/dell-error/dell-error-code-02h.html Failed to copy memory Banks 1 & 2 to Banks 3 & 4 in Mirror mode Faulty or improperly installed memory modules.See "Troubleshooting System Memory" in "Troubleshooting Your System." Gate A20

See "Processors" in "Installing System Options." Unsupported CPU stepping detected Unsupported DIMM detected in the RAID DIMM slot! Figure 2-3. Back-Panel Features Table 2-4. Back-Panel Features Component Description Power supply indicators Provides information on power status. Replacing the Power Distribution Board If replacing the power supply does not resolve the error, swap out the power distribution board connected to the server on the system chassis.

If the problem persists, see "Getting Help." EFFF3 DRAC ERROR Faulty or improperly installed remote access card.Ensure that the remote access card is properly installed.

I/O riser card firmware error.Update the I/O riser card firmware (see "Getting Help"). System-Status Indicators Table 2-1. System-Status Indicator Codes Bezel Indicators Back-Panel Indicator Indicator Code Status Caution OffOffOffNo power is available to the system, or the system is not powered on. Expansion Slot Indicators Table 2-5. Expansion Slot Indicator Codes Indicator Indicator Code OffExpansion slot power is off. If the problem persists, replace the system battery.

Remote BIOS update attempt failed. E0000 OVRFLW CHECK LOG LCD overflow message. See Figure2-4. have a peek at these guys You May Also Like Error Code 110 When Installing Dell Drivers The 110 error code on a Dell system is caused by a faulty hardware driver.

See "Troubleshooting System Memory" in "Troubleshooting Your System." E0F04 POST PIC REG Master or slave PIC register test failure. Het vervangen van een defecte voeding , stroomverdeling board of moederbord lost het probleem op . If the problem persists, replace the 5-V VRM (see "Installing the 5-V Power Supply VRM" in "Installing System Options"). The amber indicator lights up when the system needs attention due to a problem with power supplies, fans, system temperature, or hard drives.

Record the message on a copy of the Diagnostics Checklist in "Getting Help," and then follow the instructions in that section for obtaining technical assistance.