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Dell Error Code 0876

See "Troubleshooting System Cooling Problems" in "Troubleshooting Your System." If the problem persists, ensure that the microprocessor heat sinks are properly installed (see "Processors" in "Installing System Options"). Push the locking tab in and slide the peripheral bay away from the chassis. 5. See "Troubleshooting System Memory" in "Troubleshooting Your System." 1-2-3 DMA page register write/read failure. 1-3-1 Main-memory refresh verification failure. 1-3-2 No memory installed. 1-3-3 Chip or data line failure in the Only banks 1 and 2 are active in the mirroring of data. check over here

Remove the front bezel. At first I thought either 1 of the psu is faulty. Two available I/O slot options: Default Riser - Three 64-bit, 100-MHz PCI-X (slots 1-3) Optional Riser - Two 2.5-GHz PCI Express x8 (slot 1) x4 (slot 2) and one 64-bit, 100-MHz Before removing the memory shroud: Disconnect the AC power cord(s). find this

Check that the cables are secured to each power supply and that the power supplies are properly installed. Check the SEL for details on the errors. See "Getting Help." 3-3-2 System configuration check failure. 3-3-3 Keyboard controller not detected. 3-3-4 Video memory test failure. 3-4-1 Screen initialization failure. 3-4-2 Screen-retrace test failure. 3-4-3 Video ROM search failure.

For other faults, you must take action to remove the message from the display: Clear the SEL — You can perform this task remotely, but you will lose the event history Memory Configurations The system can operate with only one DIMM installed. To change the order in which devices are searched, use the <+> and <-> keys. PowerEdge 2850 Date Printed: 9/20/2006 1:49:59 PM ERA Card The following procedure outlines the steps to remove and replace the Embedded Remote Administrator (ERA) Card.

Activity Flashing or steady yellow indicates that the NIC is transmitting or receiving network data. Hard-Disk Drive Indicators Hard-Disk Drive Indicators Indicator LED Description Status LED Green on solid Normal no fault Amber Drive is faulted Activity LED Off No Activity Green blinking Normal hard-disk drive If more than one DIMM is used, the memory bank must be filled with the same type of memory. http://www.ehow.com/facts_7724450_dell-code-e0876-poweredge-4600.html See "Troubleshooting System Memory" in "Troubleshooting Your System." E1580 POWER CONTROL Faulty system board.

To clear the embedded remote access memory, shut down the system, disconnect the power cords, wait approximately 30 seconds, reconnect the power cords, and restart the system. De Kwestie Error code E0876 toont het bericht " POWER PS n" op het LCD-scherm onder de bezel indicator van de PowerEdge 4600 . Press Y to confirm the change; press any other key to cancel. Remove the hard-disk filler panel from the system. 6.

Submit Your Work! System identification button Can be used to identify a particular system.

Power Indicator Codes The system has indicators on the front panel and the power supplies that signify system power Solid amber indicates that the power supply is good. Disconnect the diskette drive cable from the drive. 5.

For standard usage, serial port 1 attempts to use COM1 first, and then COM3. check my blog Power Supply Status LEDs Indicator Description Power supply status Green indicates that the power supply is operational. Remove the front bezel. E0276 CPU VRM n Specified microprocessor VRM is faulty, unsupported, improperly installed, or missing.

The display codes are presented in two color combinations: White characters on a blue background — Information only; no action is required.Amber characters on a black background — The system needs Table2-5 lists the power button indicator codes. See "Troubleshooting the Microprocessors" in "Troubleshooting Your System." 4-4-4 Cache test failure; faulty microprocessor. this content Use a bootable diskette.

See your Product Information Guide for complete information about safety precautions, working inside the computer, and protecting against electrostatic discharge. The drive-activity indicator also blinks when the drive is being accessed. NOTE: If the system is connected to AC power and an error has been detected, the LCD display flashes amber regardless of whether the system has been powered on.

Remove the chassis cover. 2.

Remove the chassis cover. 2. Pull the locking pin away from the backplane, and slide the backplane to the right. 4. Remove the peripheral bay. See "Troubleshooting System Memory" in "Troubleshooting Your System." E0F04 POST DMA REG Faulty system board.

Now after doing that, the message disappears. See "Troubleshooting the System Battery" in "Troubleshooting Your System." E0212 VOLT BP 12 Backplane board is out of acceptable voltage range. Causes of the error: Dell Error E0876 This error is usually caused by misconfigured system files. have a peek at these guys appreciate it!

E07F0 CPU IERR Faulty or improperly installed microprocessor. Wear shoes with non-conductive rubber soles to help reduce the chance of being shocked or seriously injured in an electrical accident. Therefore, when banks one and two are fully populated with dual ranked DIMMs, bank three DIMMs are not actually used for determining the available amount of system memory. Run the System Setup program to correct the settings.